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Why is Linkedin different and better than other social media ?

Updated: Mar 19

1. Startups can find funding from potential investors

LinkedIn provides startups with unparalleled access to a network of potential investors. Founders can showcase their business plans, achievements, and visions directly on their profiles and through targeted content, insights about digital marketing companies attracting interest from angel investors, venture capitalists, and even peer-to-peer lending networks. The platform's ability to facilitate networking events and introductions also means startups can bypass traditional gatekeepers to funding.

2. You can Learn about HR Management Culture

LinkedIn revolutionizes HR practices by offering tools for talent acquisition, learning and development, and employee engagement at scale. The platform's analytics and data-driven insights enable HR professionals to streamline the recruitment process, identify skill gaps, and invest in targeted employee development programs, making HR management more efficient and effective.

A great example of an influencer in the Human Resource space is this lady named Sim Ling Ku. Her approach to how the corporate HR amnagers think has been the most transparent and the most eye opening to new recruits in any kind of workforce.

How she communicates to the users is how she is very truthful on corporate practices, that only shows surface management, instead of results-driven actions which are more imporant.

3. You can learn about real corporate culture

LinkedIn promotes a culture of openness by allowing companies to share updates, achievements, and even challenges openly. This transparency helps in setting realistic expectations for current and potential employees, and fosters a culture of trust between businesses and their stakeholders.

5. You can learn about professional marketing and latest up to date trends

The platform's diverse user base, ranging from creatives to tech professionals, allows for the sharing of industry-specific knowledge and insights. This not only helps in keeping professionals updated on trends and best practices within their fields but also fosters interdisciplinary learning and collaboration.

Niel Patel has extended his social reach in Linkedin by sharing latest insights on digital marketing tactics and social media movements in the space. Being a giant in the SEO space in Google has defenitely helped his reach in Linkedin.

6. Job recruiters can get to know their candidates better

LinkedIn's advanced search filters and recruitment tools allow employers to find candidates who not only meet the job requirements but also fit the company culture. This streamlined process reduces hiring time and increases the chances of a successful hire.

7. A great platform to share personal career journeys

LinkedIn is a hub for sharing personal career journeys, lessons learned, and behind-the-scenes stories from corporate life. These narratives, often not found on other social media platforms, provide valuable insights and inspiration for professionals at all stages of their careers.

8. You can learn about government policies and up to date political movements

Government agencies and public sector entities are increasingly using LinkedIn to connect with the business community, share policy updates, and even recruit talent. This presence enhances the platform's role as a bridge between the public and private sectors, although specific data on this increase would require access to LinkedIn's internal metrics or detailed studies.

Users like Nurazam has a very good insight on latest news about AI and supercomputers in Malaysia. His insights about how the malaysian government is trying to get into this new industry leaves sparks when professionals like himself leaves insights about how good or how bad the move might be and how it affects the country's AI space as a whole.

With government agencies and officials active on LinkedIn, businesses have direct access to updates on policies, regulations, and initiatives that could impact their operations. This transparency aids in strategic planning and compliance efforts.

9. You can learn how other famous creators create their linkedin content

For individual professionals and small business owners, LinkedIn Learning and the platform's content sharing capabilities offer invaluable resources for skill development and personal branding. Users can learn from industry leaders, participate in discussions, and showcase their expertise, thus enhancing their professional profiles and opening up new opportunities.

A good start is for creators to start learning how GaryVee starts his Linkedin by posting more articles on tips and tricks about advertising. His advice is transparent and real. Start being the real you and express the best version of yourself as much as you can.

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