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Brisbane SEO

Businesses in brisbane consists of fashion E-commerce and other product based industries. These online E-commerce platforms require very complex entity structures and categorization in order for the google algorithm to understand the entire online store. Hence, ranking it higher.

In the grand scheme of SEO, brands like indylove were stuck to get traffic to their websites. The strategies the were implemented in to the website were 

1. Entity SEO

where we categorize each products like midi dresses, mini dresses, pink dresses, leather bags and much more. 

2. Content Curation; 

We did blog like "best melbourne caup fashion 2023 which took us 5 minutes to write and has gained 500 traffic for one blog. WITH NO PAID ADS. 

3. Image optimization; 

Each products are described via the alt tags in order for the Google engine to understand the unique products the the website can offer.

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