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Melbourne SEO

Similar to Brisbane, our melbourne seo projects are delivered to clients that are focused on very niche and intricate markets. Markets that focused on nightlife, personal branding and huge social media presence.

Brands like tuah shisha requires a whole different strategy. Here we had to implement a few unique methodologies in order to make the E-commerce shisha entity unique and ranking higher.

1. Entity SEO

Entity SEO is one of the very few and THE MOST CRUCIAL aspects of a good seo. This includes categorizing the products, internal linking priority pages and more.

2. Blog Content;

Shisha is a multi million industry ready for grabs. Meaning competition is heavy and ever increasing. Meaning, businesses like tuah needs to have UNIQUE insights to include in their content schedule. Topics like "How to" or "Best Flavours", in combination of good writing is the number one reason tuah is an ranking higher than ever.

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